There's Networking and Then There's WOW Networking!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been at a networking event that’s as dull as dishwater and that makes us lose the will to live. Traditional networking can often end up like this, with lots of wasted time and money that could be much better spent somewhere else. It’s repeated experiences like these that inspired me to come up with the WOW networking concept. It’s a concept that cuts through all the unnecessary chit chat with people you don’t really want to talk to and gets you closer to the promised land of a bigger business network.

So, What Makes WOW Networking Different?

At its heart, WOW networking is all about supporting each other and strengthening the mutually-beneficial links we all have. We are each other’s most valuable asset and when we create long-lasting collaborative networks, there’s nothing we can’t do! 

Another important way in which WOW networking differs from the norm is that it’s sharp and to the point, so we’re talking about an absolute minimum of wasted time. As WOW networking is conducted online and it follows a speed-dating format, it really does cut through all the crap. It puts you in front of lots of different people and businesses that could lead to hugely beneficial relationships at every single meeting. Being able to forge links with only the contacts that intrigue you allows you to be really efficient with your time too. As a business owner myself, I know exactly how valuable that commodity is!

'What has made me happiest is that business was taking place within the first 24 hours of launching! I have done many happy dances this week and it's all thanks to you lovely people for getting involved!'

Let’s all say a massive well done and thank you for Nadine for setting up wow web.

Thank you Nadine 🌟

Gary Hatton

Personal Development Mentor, At One

You Could Become The WOWWER of The Week!

WOW Networking Is Fun!

What also shines through at every meeting is its fun aspect, as each person has one minute to really WOW their audience. Let’s face it, who out there doesn’t like shouting about their business from the rooftops? I know I do! We even have an alternating ‘WOWer of the Week’ who gets the chance to feature prominently at the meeting. That special person gets to give a full 10-minute presentation, take the WOW position at the meeting and generally use the entire time to promote what’s great about their business. 

Connect In Your Own Time

After each event, WOW meeting attendees receive an email detailing everyone who was present, so that you can easily reconnect at a time that suits you. It’s important to say that it’s a non-judgmental group and it’s one that respects the fact that we all have different opinions. WOW members are always respectful to each other and healthy debate is always welcomed, so long as it’s all in good faith and nobody Leaves feeling upset!

So, all that remains to be said is –

Are you ready to make new connections and grow your business? tick, mark, ok

Are you ready for some next-level networking? tick, mark, ok

If you said YES! to those two questions, then let’s do it,  get ready to WOW!

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