Monday 27th April National Tell A Story Day

I beleive that everyone has a story to tell. 

You might not think that your story is important, that your life is important.  But let me tell you that there will be more people than you realise who could connect with what you have experienced, what you have learnt, how your life has unfolded and the highs and lows that you have lived through.

We have all gone through different traumas, varying successess, amazing situations and times which we have thought would totally destroy us.  We all have different acheivements that others can benefit from hearing about.  Have you ever told your story?  Do you understand how powerful your words could be to someone else who is going through what you already have?  

If you’re anything like me you have probably just gone through life getting on with it, dealing with whatever shit is thrown at you.   Not giving much thought to the fact that these life experiences could help others to cope.

Whether an event is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you will always learn something from it.  If you’re wondering why I have referred to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in this way, here’s why.  Anything that happens in your life is an experience, it is going to add another dimension to your life, there is no real good or bad, it is how we perceive situations and what we learn from them which is the really important stuff here.  (And I totally accept that it doesn’t always feel that way at the time)

Yes, there are undoubtedly some really shit things which happen to people in their lives, abuse, death, illness, loss of a job or a home etc.  I am absolutely not trying to belittle these utterly crap things which are thrust upon us through no will of our own.  

What I want to get across is that it is how we deal with a situation is what carries a lot of clout.  It is often very hard to find the positive in a situation that feels completely devoid of happiness.  Lacking in joy, going against all rhyme or reason and is seemingly a never ending stream of angst and difficulty.  When you come out of the other end you can often find the answers that you were searching for so hard at the time.

It’s often these moments of clarity that can make sense of it all, and it’s those little gems from your stories which are so important to share in order to help other people cope with all of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ which occurs in everyones lives.

Every individual has a different story,  no matter if their lives are fundamentally the same, we all see things differently, we all react to things differently, we all taking different learnings from situations we find ourselves in.  

I guarantee that if you were to share an imporant time from your life, how you dealt with it,  how you felt, what you learnt, what happened before, during, after etc you would connect with someone.  There would be someone out there reading your story that could take your experience and enrich their own life.  

Wouldn’t it be an amazing gift to give to someone to be able to help them get the best out of any ‘good’ or ‘bad’ situation that they found themself in.  How awesome would it have been to have had the same real life guide to dealing with whatever cropped up in your life from someone who had already been through it?  Amazing right?

So don’t keep it all to yourself, share it all, write a list of all the incredible and all the shitty things that you have lived through.  Pick the one of most importance and write down absolutely everthing about it.  What happened, who was involved, how you felt, what impact it had on you and those around you.  What you learnt about yourself and other people, how it shaped your life, what you did differently after the event, pour every emotion you have surrounding this.  

In my humble opinion empowering another human to be able to deal with what they are experiencing is a valuable tool which we don’t rate highly enough.  We are all on this world together, surely helping each other get the best out of our lives is crucial to make the world a better place. 

We can all support each other far more than we realise. 

Make today the day you choose to make a difference in this world. 

Share your story, help someone to thrive, to adapt, to live their best lives no matter what.

Now more than ever we need to be looking out for each other.

Stay safe, keep well, be happy.

Much love


Nadine La Reine

Nadine La Reine

The Lavish Business Bird! Entrepreneur Extraordinaire! I am passionate about supporting and empowering women in business, through building solid relationships based on mutual trust, respect, empathy and understanding.

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