Would an extra income benefit you and your family?


Choose when you work and more importantly you get to choose when you don't work!


Work part time, work full time or work from time to time. You decide what's best for you!


Get paid for simply showing people you know how to spend less on their household bills!


Build a business in your spare time without it affecting you current commitments!


Be part of a very credible multi award winning British FTSE 250 Company!


Get paid over and over again for doing a job just once!


Have a free night out with your colleagues every month!


The list of benefits from this amazing company is almost endless. From promotions, holidays and cars to hampers and weekends away.

I discovered the Utility Warehouse Discount Club in June 2017...

This opportunity is completely different to any other that I had come across.

I leapt at the chance to get involved when I found out about this company and what was being offered.

Having the flexibility to work my own hours is of the utmost importance in my life. The ability to earn a proper wage that can pay my mortgage and all the bills is also crucial. At the time of starting my new business I had no idea of what the possible financial rewards were, nor any of the other incredible benefits which later became available to me.

I liked the idea that this business does not involve any selling. There are no products to sell, as you simply show people how to pay less for all the services they currently have in their home.

In the past I have tried many other home based business ventures, all of which were product based and none of which I was able to make a success of. 

Start living the life you deserve to live and live it on your terms.

Can You Answer Yes To Any of These?

  • Do you ever long for a change of career?
  • Wish you could cut down your working hours?
  • Dread going back to work after maternity/paternity leave?
  • Love an extra few hundred pounds each month for some treats for you and your family?
  • Need to build up a nest egg for your retirement?
  • Want to replace your full time income through a part time home based business opportunity?

I could fill a whole website telling you the many reasons why this opportunity could be good for you...

We Need To Connect

The easiest way to show the potential that awaits you is to meet up for a cuppa. Or arrange a time with me to have a phone call and I’ll answer all the questions that you have.

People from all walks of life are building a successful business with Utility Warehouse. That’s because it’s an opportunity suitable for people from all kinds of backgrounds, social classes, careers, abilities, ages and everything in-between. This is a company that does not judge and offers true equal opportunities to everyone.

You Will Get The Best Support

A lifetime of free training is available for you with this business and it is recognised as being the best within any company of its kind. The people who hold the training days are put through rigorous assessments to make sure that they are qualified to teach you in the best possible way.

There are also people that have started out exactly where you have now. They’re also wondering if this gas and electric thing they’d heard about was any good and if they could make a bit of money out of it, as life was getting a bit too expensive and not quite as much fun anymore!

What's your story?

I would love to hear from you...

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