Looking after BOB while this ‘thing’ is going on…

Before I begin let me just say that this a ‘thing’ free post…
apart from mentioning it now as ‘thing’ obviously!

If you’re anything like me you are probably sick of hearing about the ‘thing’ so I have decided to make this as bright, colourful and cheery as possible in stark contrast to everything else right now.

My aim is also to give you a few pointers that you may not have thought of that can help you keep BOB under control right now.

Who the hell is BOB? That’s what your thinking isn’t it? And why do you need to look after him?

I shall explain…



We all have them, bills that need paying, most of them bigger than we’d like, most of them oversized as we take little or no notice of them and they grow without us really noticing.

Not unlike my waistline which is rapidly expanding as I eat and drink my way through everything I can get my greedy little hands on right now! Please tell me the nation, if not the entire world is with me on this?!

You may have a little more time on your hands at the moment and you may be looking at ways to shrink BOB and make your life a little bit simpler, so read on for a few tips which should help you.

Let’s start with your mobile phone, awesome device for when we are out and about and we are very good at making sure we always have enough data for important things like stalking people we don’t like on Facebook and posting pictures of our barista styled Costa on Instagram.

Unless you are one of the amazing people who are keeping the country on track at the moment you won’t be needing to worry about checking in at every location you visit so your friends know what am amazing social life you have, and pictures of the dinner you cooked at home for the 11259 day in a row are probably looking a lot less exciting than the pictures of the posh nosh which you usually post from that exclusive restaurant that you like to frequent.

Speak to your provider and see if you can lower the tariff which you are currently on as you now need less data…

Assuming you have broadband at home of course. This could potentially make a real difference to your monthly mobile bill, just make sure though that this can be a temporary option and won’t end up tying you into an extended contract which will end up costing you more further down the line.

The same goes for the minutes of talk time you have with your mobile package. Being at home means you just don’t need to be paying out for them, especially with messenger and what’s app calling to use as alternatives.

While on the subject of talk time why not make use of your landline number at home? Most of us have free evening/weekend or anytime calls but never make use of them.

Check with your provider if you’re not sure if you have these services with your package.

Using this instead of your mobile will also reduce the amount of minutes you need on you mobile tariff and will probably end up being considerable cheaper for you. A point to check though is what numbers are included in your landline packaged, some exclude mobiles so be sure to check before agreeing to anything new.

Do you have a limit on your broadband service at home?

When it comes to home broadband most providers offer an unlimited service, meaning that having a house full of people connected to your wi-fi almost 24/7 isn’t going to cost you anything extra. But please check this with your supplier as some broadband tariffs are capped at a certain usage. While this is probably something you would never have encountered before it could throw you up a huge bill so definitely worth looking in to.

Another area you may not have considered is your energy usage.

We are used to our consumption being considerably reduced from this point on as heating systems get switched off and longer hours of daylight mean less energy is being used in our homes. However it is likely that you and your family are at home more than ever before, that more electronic devices are being used, more cups of coffee to fuel working from home are being consumed and more meals are being cooked.

It is highly likely that your energy usage will be more than usual and rather than get a big hike in prices try to pre-empt this. If you don’t have smart meters make sure you are supplying your energy provider with regular meter readings so accurate bills are produced.

It is also worth speaking to your provider to see if you have any credit on your account which can be used to offset a potentially increased bill.

Whilst on the subject of energy usage if you currently have a business premises which is not being used you will obviously have a massive decrease in consumption, so again, take regular meeting readings and speak to your energy provider about reducing what you are paying whilst not running your business as usual.

This stuff is not sexy or exciting, however it is worth looking at so you can get a better handle on your outgoings.

I help people to save money across all these services everyday so if it’s something that you don’t know where to begin with yourself we can have a chat.

The people I help usually save between £50 and £150 per month, it’s all completely free with lots of other benefits, bonuses and freebies which are available to everyone.

Until next time, stay at home, stay safe, keep well, be happy!

Nadine La Reine

Nadine La Reine

The Lavish Business Bird! Entrepreneur Extraordinaire! I am passionate about supporting and empowering women in business, through building solid relationships based on mutual trust, respect, empathy and understanding.

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