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Just imagine a life without chocolate!!

You are very aware of how important it is to play your part in looking after the environment in which you are living. 

You spend countless hours each week sifting through your families rubbish (mums get all the best jobs right) and sorting it out into the correct recycling boxes… only to end up putting the wrong colour out on bin day!

You might haved opted for an energy supplier that claims to be ‘green’ not really knowing what that means, but thinking that it sounds good so must be ok!

You’ve ditched the plastic straws for the not so nice ‘melt in your mouth’ paper ones despite protestations from your children that they taste funny, because they are good for the planet.

You may invent ficiticious parties when unloading the entirety of your car in front of aghast strangers at the local bottle bank, just to make yourself feel less like an over stressed working mum with a mild drink problem whilst your disposing of countless empty wine and gin bottles.

Third glass, or third bottle!

You will likely have even started taking the enormous stash of carrier bags out of the boot of the car where they usually reside and actually allow them to see the inside of a supermarket instead of shelling out for yet more 5p bags (10p ones if you’re feeling really flush!)

You do all of this and are very content in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to be green,  because let’s face it, how on earth do you have the time or the energy to do anything more! Especially with all the wine and gin drinking going on!

All of this is great so please don’t stop!

In fact there is so much information out there about what you should be doing, where you should be shopping and what you should be buying that you can’t take it all in, so you merrily stick to sorting out your cardboard from your plastic and are happy with your contribution.

But do you know there is another way you could make a difference?


And it doesn’t take up any of your time, effort or energy whatsoever!

It’s also totally cost free and will save you money!

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

So what is this incredibly easy way to add some luscious greenness back in the world I hear you ask?

Well read on my friend and all shall become clear!

I know they don’t look like much, but these little dudes are pretty important!

Now don’t stop reading at this point because I’m going to start talking about lightbulbs, as these aren’t just any light bulbs, these are energy efficient, carbon footprint saving,  CO2 reducing, uber bright, instant light LED lightbulbs!

Can a lightbulb really be all those things?  Yes it absolutely can!

However if you’ve ever looked at these super duper LED lightbulbs you will know they come with a super duper price tag, and kitting your whole home out with these bad boys will cost you a small fortune, so here’s the really fantastic bit…

I can show you how to get them for free!

Every single light bulb in your home can be replaced for free, and by someone else too, so you don’t even have to go to the trouble of doing anything yourself, except perhaps offering the nice people a cup of tea… and a biscuit if you’re feeling generous and haven’t been splashing all the cash on those 10p carrier bags!


The discount club I work with have installed 4 million LED light bulbs since the inception of this great initiative, saving the owners of these bulbs hundreds of pounds worth of electricity, and saving the planet from a tonne of CO2 being zapped!

Very interesting figures for people who like a lot of numbers!

So what do you have to do to get these wonderful new additions into your home?

Get in touch with me and I will get you set up to receive your free lightbulbs, which by the way have a lifetime guarantee, so you never need to buy another lightbulb ever again!

You will also see a reduction in your electricity bills as the LEDs which are fitted are 80% more efficient than traditional lightbulbs.

Just by doing this your home will use an awful lot less CO2, in fact the actual amount less you will use is the same weight as a Giant Panda!  Pretty cool hey!

This is how chilled out you’ll be when your new LED lightbulbs are being fitted!

The more people that take advantage of this brilliant offer, the better it is for our world, and who doesn’t like free stuff and helping to save the world?

I’m making it my mission to get as many people as possible on board with getting their freebies, so if you haven’t got yours yet, please help me to help you!

We can all do a little bit extra to take care of the planet we live in, what change will you make today?


Nadine La Reine

Nadine La Reine

The Lavish Business Bird! Entrepreneur Extraordinaire! I am passionate about supporting and empowering women in business, through building solid relationships based on mutual trust, respect, empathy and understanding.

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