Fall in love with your inner geekiness! Part 1

Those who know me are very well aware of the fact that technology is not my strong point!  There is no way in the world that I could be described as geeky!  I would even go as far to say I have actively supressed my inner geekiness… up until this point!


Although I persevere, research what I don’t know, teach myself how to do new things and have an almost super human tenacity,  getting excited about ‘techy’ stuff and heading down the geekiness path is just not me!

However I have recently discovered the most amazing piece of digital wizardry that has excited me more than I thought possible!  I am most definitely behaving like a geek of the highest level over my new find!

Geekiness alert!
Embrace your geekiness day!

With 13th July being ‘Embrace your geekness day’ it seems rather apt that I fully support this day in the only way I know how, that is to share my immense geek out joy about my new toy!


You may well have stumbled upon this amazing piece of kit already, but if you haven’t I hope this gets you as fired up as it does me!

Before I unleash my full geekiness over this marvellous new invention I would like to paint a picture for you.

Have you ever been given a business card?


I’m guessing no matter who you are or where you’re from that the answer will be yes.

We have all at some point in our lives been handed a little rectangular business card by a well-meaning individual or company representative for the sole purpose of keeping it safe and secure so that when the need arises for us to contact said person their details are readily available and close at hand.

This person can rest assured and be safe in the knowledge that you have all the relevant details, company name, email, phone number, website etc and that you will indeed follow through with your promised communications and their business card begins its new life with you.

Now here’s the thing with the these tiny articles, we don’t keep them do we!  We intend to keep them,  we tell ourselves that yes of course we will keep these details until such time that we need them.  But the reality is these business cards live in the bottom of our bag, coat pocket or car, gathering dust, getting stuck to random bits of food, being scribbled over when it’s the only thing you have to write something hugely important on and it’s the only item resembling a piece of paper that you can find!

Then it goes in the bin when you have a clear out as you know that you haven’t needed these details up till now, you had forgotten you had it.  Where did it even come from you wonder whilst topping up the recycling with yet more semi identical small pieces of card, in a similarly battered and useless state.

Don’t kid yourself that it won’t!


And then there’s the poor soul who left you with that carefully designed mini representation of themselves.  They thought you would keep that business card forever, they are handed out to people for that exact purpose, right?

In the extreme circumstances that you have managed to maintain a well preserved stash of business cards spanning from double glazing to nail technicians and everything in between (just in case) what are the chances of the contact information being relevant still?  Websites change, email addresses change, phone numbers change, even company names change when they rebrand, people come and go from companies and before you know it the card is about as useful as…. Um, well as useful as a small piece of card with out of date information on really!

Now if you’re reading this as someone who has business cards and is giving them out to all and sundry thinking that they may ‘come in handy one day’ I’m really sorry to break it to you but the average shelf life of your card when you hand it over is a mere 48 hours.  It’s a good as useless, kind of a bit like when you were a teenager and used to write the phone number of your school crush up your arm and your mum made you wash it off as soon as she caught sight of it!

Wouldn’t it just be a whole lot simpler if there was a better way to do this stuff?


A more modern way that was relevant to the online digital world in which we live.  A method that could convey everything you needed and was always up to date.  A way that could enable you to easily be connected to the people that are actually interested in what you can offer.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to ensure that your business card was the powerful marketing platform and lead generator that every business needs?

Well there is!  And this is where I’m going to go full on geek out mode on you because I just can’t believe how wondrous my discovery is!

Welcome to the digital business card!

Now before you stop reading let me explain that this is not just any digital business card.

This is a Go Paperless digital business card,  and it is fantabulous!

Go Paperless are a UK company who have totally nailed what they are doing as they offer the worlds, not just the UKs, but the worlds only digital business card that has a back office dashboard with the functionality that is needed to double it up as a lead generator and marketing platform!  How cool is that!

You can fully customise your Go Paperless card with a mega easy editor which even the most ‘ungeeky’ person (such as me) can totally manage, without even asking for help or having to learn anything first!

Once it’s set up you can share your funky new digital business card by your Go Paperless weblink, text, email or QR code.  No need to faff around downloading apps that come chock full with a load of bugs and adverts, it’s as simple as clicking and the card is shared and saved onto a device and is always there.

More amazing is that it is always up to date and relevant because if an element changes you simply hop into your back office and it takes literally two minutes to update your information.


Go Paperless shows you how many times your digital business card has been shared, how many times it has been viewed, how many times people have gone back for another look after the first glance and you can even see who wants you to contact them as it captures the leads for you!

I could literally go on about how awesome this is for hours however I am aware that would probably get boring!  But if you have business cards then you need to know that this is the only way forward and the benefits it has for you are huge!

You can add as many links as you want, websites, social media channels, blog posts, special offers, latest news, galleries of pictures, the possibilities are endless!

Can your small piece of card encompass all of the above?

You can’t fit that much on it!


Thinking it’s time to spruce things up a bit?


I love this concept so much (can you tell) that I have partnered with the very clever dudes at Go Paperless to become an authorised reseller, so all cards on the table here, I’ll get paid a little bit of money from the sale of any cards I make.  However I didn’t know that bit before I got one, this is just yet another added extra that comes with the cards.  Anyone who purchases their own Go Paperless digital business card through seeing how magnificent yours is will see you getting paid a little bit too, it just keeps on getting better and better doesn’t it!

There’s also another huge plus for the digital business card and Go Paperless in particular.  They have teamed up with the World Land Trust, of which David Attenborough is a Patron.  So you can also be easing your environmental concience and know that of the hundreds of billions of cards that end up in landfill each year, yours won’t be burdening our over stretched planet needlessly!  They even plant a tree for a every card which is taken out!  And who doesn’t love anything to do with the legend that is Mr Attenborough!  Geek out and go green!

I know you will be desperately wanting to get your hands on your very own super duper magical digital business card from the Go Paperless genuises now so let’s arrange a time to chat and get your fancy, new, totally unique & brand consistent card ready to go!


You can take a look at my Go Paperless digital business card here…


And there’s a handy little link right at the very bottom of my Go Paperless digital business card for you to get yours through me with a massive 33% discount!

Honestly the thrills just keep on rolling don’t they!


Book a time to catch up with me if you want to know more info…


Before I go just have a little think about who you know who uses those traditional old business cards,  I bet you can think of loads right?

Sole traders up to massive companies, they all have them, what if you showed everyone you know how superb this new concept is, how it could benefit their business.  What if you had hundreds of people grabbing hold of their Go Paperless digital business cards from you just sharing a link.  It not only adds up to you being the pinnacle to them revolutionising this part of their business, but it would also add up to quite a lot of extra ££££ for you!

Now you can probably understand why I’m so excited about these Go Paperless digital business cards and why sharing this information on ‘Embrace your geekness day’ just had to be done!


Fall in love with your inner geekiness today, it’s quite fun!


You can find some more details about Go Paperless on my website…


Want to know more about what else I get up to, you can find out here…


Enjoyed reading this?  You can find my other blogs here…


Nadine La Reine

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