There Are Business Cards & Then There Are Digital Business Cards!

Let’s face it, the traditional business card has had it’s day. You give out so many and they almost never lead to long-standing business relationships. The good news is that there is a better, more eco-friendly way to leave a lasting impression with the people you network with.

I have a digital business card with Go Paperless and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Rather than just replacing my old paper business cards, my digital business cards represent so much more. In fact, they offer me all my marketing needs rolled into one platform!

So, What Makes A Digital Business Card Different?

We’ve all been there – scrabbling around, trying to find a crumpled paper business card in our pockets or in the bottom of a bag! When you do find it, it’s hardly in the condition you want to provide a good first impression to business contact you just met. With digital business cards, they’re easily shared by text or email to any device, so you’ll never run out again.

Not only that, but each business card comes with a link to your website or social media platforms, so your new contact can easily get in touch. Interactive, intuitive and completely GDPR compliant, Go Paperless digital business cards represent a simple and cost-effective way to drive traffic to your digital presence and completely transform the way your market your business.

Have you given out so many business cards & received no response? Now you can track every contact & actually have a conversation with them!

Boost Your Green Credentials

Another really attractive aspect of Go Paperless digital business cards is the way they’re able to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Eliminating the use of paper, print runs and the need for vehicles to transport the cards themselves is something that greatly reduces the amount of resources used to create your business cards.
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Go Paperless also plants a tree for every business card it sells, meaning that by purchasing one for yourself, you’re helping to reforest natural areas that have been devastated by industry in the name of profit. It does this through its partner charity – World Land Trust – and in doing so, contributes much to the fight against climate change.

Connect, engage, grow


Differentiate your business

Drive traffic to your website and social media channels whilst impressing business contacts with slick and consistent branding. 


Intelligent reporting analytics

Keep tabs on team performance & analyse your sales strategy’s success.


Strengthen & Convert engaged leads

Allow contacts to connect with you via their preferred channels.

Go Paperless is the only provider on the planet that allows its customers to track re-shares of their business cards.

I Love My Digital Business Cards.
I Know You Will Too!

So, if you would like to contribute to protecting the planet whilst simultaneously strengthening your business network and presenting a highly professional eco-conscious image of your brand, I encourage you to try out this amazing new service. I absolutely love my digital business cards and I’m quite sure you will too!
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