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Over the last few months I have met an increasing number of people who have fallen prey to some rather unscrupulous tactics employed by companies in a bid to gain new custom by whatever means possible.

Now we all like to think that we would never fall prey to any untoward schemes

However what you must remember is that those who do this are experts at what they do.  Being caught off guard when someone tells you about an amazing new deal that you have to agree to there and then or you’ll miss out on is an easy mistake to make.  When your mind is on other things and the person you’re chatting to is sounding friendly,  genuine and with your best interests at heart.

Take time to think things through if something doesn’t feel right

Unfortunately things are not always as transparent as they seem and they invariably end up with massive financial complications that you could do without.  So I would like to share some things which I have discovered and that I hope will help you to make decisions which will not end up causing you any issues in the future.

Firstly, let’s talk energy

We all have heating and hot water in our homes, most of us have gas and electric and they tend to form one of the most expensive parts of our utility bills.

I have lost count of the amount of energy bills I have looked at which have huge anomalies on them which is causes worry and stress for the homeowner.  There is a very simple way to check that what you are paying each month is in line with what you are using, and what your supplier is billing you for,  but often these figures are so completely out of sync with each other and the bill payer is often the last to know!

Whoever supplies your energy services will provide you with a personal projection which contains the following information, your annual usage in kwh, the annual cost of the energy, the tariff you are on and the unit rates and standing charges. 

The most important pieces of information are the annual usage in kwh and the cost

Dividing the annual cost by twelve will give you the amount you should be paying each month to ensure that you are covering the cost of the energy you will be using for the year. 

If your payments are set at a lower amount than this you will end up with a nasty shock and a massive bill at some point during the year, and it is exactly this which seems to be happening all too often with a lot of people. 

Many suppliers will set up a monthly figure to pay which is considerably lower than your current supplier simply to gain your custom, without giving any thought to whether or not this payment will actually cover the amount of energy you are using.

 I have seen this tactic used with individual sales people and also on some comparison websites and it builds a very untrue picture of the money you should be paying out.  You’re initially happy because your monthly payments are lower, however give it six months and your utility company will be demanding more money from you very quickly and it is not a great position to find yourself in.

It takes just a few minutes to find this information

It should always be shown on your bill or statement from your energy provider.  Do a quick calculation and if the figures don’t stack up it’s worth contacting your supplier to check out what you’re paying matches up to what you are using.

I’ll be looking at mobile phones and broadband next so keep your eyes peeled for some more tips which will help keep the pounds in your pocket!

Let’s Talk

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Nadine La Reine

Nadine La Reine

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